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   ♦  To create value for customers 
   ♦  To create opportunities for staff


 Working with us


       Donview provides clients with the most suitale, reliable and
advanced interactive touch products and multimedia display solutions to promote cooperation and improve performance. We do this by offering efficient, convenient and professional services and supports which is also based on customers' trust .

          To support this mission, Donview builds complete sales network of 45 branches in China which makes
sure that the serviceman can provide service within 24 hours since maintenance requirement was submitted.
Now Donview is building branches or offices in many countries and regions of the world , such as Canada ,
Russia, the United Arab Emirates , India , Malaysia , Brazil etc . Supported by factory, employees and dealers
worldwide, Donview strives to control resources costs, exceed quality standards, improve efficiencies and
then supply customers abundant products and perfect service .

         Our global success comes from our efforts and clients' trust




 Join us

         If you’re looking for an authentic and reliable company who offers stage for your talents and allows you 

to do your best work as a part of a team, we invite you to join us . We value innovative people who are looking 
for a challenge and are able to adapt to rapid and continuous change . 
         As a valuable employee, you must be flexible and able to meet any challenge that comes your way. As a
responsible company Doview carry out series of activities to rich cultural life and create a good social atmosphere
in order to provide staffs’ sense of belonging, identity and pride. When creating values for company and society, 
you can also achieve self-life value. 
        We are always looking for talented professionals to work and grow with us !