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Donview show in the Canton Fair from Oct.15-Oct.18
Donview shows in Canton Fair from Oct.15-Oct.18.

During the 4-day event,Donview exhibited 2*2 Infrared video wall solutions for conference, the interactive flat panel and two types of whiteboards,which attract a lot of people from around the world.

With 4K resolution,our 2*2 video wall solution for conference displays ultra high definition performance.Eequipped with the R&D Smeeting software for conferences/meetings and the infrared frame, it supports making presentations, sending meeting notices, making minutes,and it is interactive as well with finger touching on the screen to control the software.

Besides the video wall, we showed three types of other products: the flat panel ,the electromagnetic whiteboard and the infrared whiteboard for education.The humanized software disign and the high quality hardware bring perfiect use experience to the clients.