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Donview Netherlands ISE Exhibition
On  February 7th- 10th , 2017, Integrated  Systems Europe exhibition is held in Amsterdam in Netherlands. In this exhibition, Donview exhibits the Microlecture solution, Interactive Touch Flat Panel.
Donview Microlecture solution simplify the process of recording and broadcasting by integrating display screen, OPS Computer, touch device, recording and Broadcasting device into one machine, to achieve the recording and broadcasting in standard classroom.

Donview interactive touch flat panel with features of 10 points touch and gesture recognition, the user can make presentation and annotation by finger, stylus or erase the writing contents by fist or hand. Including the size 55/65/70/75/84/85/98” for meeting the use of different requirements, as well as provide 4K display with wide viewing angles. By combining well the hardware and Donview Education software, Donview interactive touch flat panel is loved by teachers and students.