Donview Infrared Interactive Whiteboard DB-H01 Model
Model: DB-85IND-H01
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Now come up to dual touch board that allows 2 users to touch the board freely and fluently with finger.Users can cooperate and write at any place on the board without limiting to a specific area.Furthermore, they can erase the contents or pictures by palm or fist which can be recoganized as hand gestures. Besides this, the software has the intelligent shapes recoganation, which means that when the user draws a shape, the software will recoganize it to a relative geometry.


Two users touching
The board allows 2 users to write or touch freely with finger or pen simultaneously.

  Erased by finger or palm directly
The board allows the user to erase the contents or pictures with palm or fist or dry eraser directly, instead of using an eraser function from whiteboard application software.
Fluent write and comfortable feeling of using in different light environment.
With high quality PCB and advanced software programs,and white matte PE Film with Nano steel board as well, which enable the user to write fluently with fast response time, allowing 200,000 fast and consecutive touching times. The anti-glare technology makes the user feel comfortable when looking at the board and protect the eyes in various light enviroment.

Write without interference

The design of infrared filter enables the user to write or manipulate the contents freely without interference by unexpected touch from the finger or other objectives which is not writing on the board. 


Environment-friendly and increase the life of board.

Intelligent power supply for LED light can save the electricity and increase the board's life, i.e. when the board is not being used in a period of time during an interactive speech or teaching,the board's LED lights will be out automatically.


Special design  for easy maintanence 

Special design of board corner and frame with built-in PCB allow the user to open the corner and replace the parts in 10 minutes without removing the board from wall or stand mount.


Aluminum frame with pecial technology avoid fringerprint 
The special technology on aluminum frame will not keep fingerprint,neither does it keep marks from some careless friction, which allows the board always clean.

Brackets keep the installation firm
High quality brackets ensure that the board stays on the wall or mobile stand firm.

Environmental protection
The donview team always devote to enviromental protection.Under this principal, we created a new technology of LED light electricity-saving mode  so that it can save energy and increase the LED lights' service life as well. Besides, we have got RoHS certification. As a responsible company, we wish to contribute to environment-protection.

Driver free and direct use of the software
As Donview software integrated the driver and the application software together, the software will automatically install on the PC when using the board, which helps the users free from installing, and makes them drive and use the board directly.


Model DB-85IND-H01 DB-93IWD-H01 DB-98IWD-H01
Physical Size (Diagonal) 85 Inch 93.5Inch 98 Inch
Physical Dimensions (W*H*D)
(Without Bracket)
1762x1280 x39mm 2037 x 1258 x 39mm 2189 x 1226 x 39mm
Physical Dimensions (W*H*D)
(Including Bracket)
1762x1280x51mm 2037x1258x51mm 2189x1226x51mm
Active Screen Size (Diagonal) 79.4 Inch 88 Inch 93 Inch
Active Screen Dimensions (W*H) 1646x1164mm 1921x1142mm 2073x 1110mm
Projection Image Size (Diagonal) 76.4 Inch 84.8 Inch 89 Inch
Projection Dimensions(W*H) 1552x1164mm 1827x1142mm 1979x1110mm
Packed Dimensions (W*H*D) 1859x1389x82mm 2134x 1367x 82mm 2286x1335x82mm
Net Weight 21kg 22kg 23kg
Packed Weight 30kg 31kg 33kg
Resolution 48000*36000 48000*36000 48000*36000
Aspect Ratio 4:3 16:10 16:9
Technology Infrared Induction
Writing Way Finger, pen, teaching pointer or any other opaque objects.
Multi-touch 6 point touch.
Hand Gesture Recognition Turn PPT page by sliding two divided fingers, zoom in and zoom out picture by two fingers and erase by fist or palm.
Calibrate Technology Four calibrate modes : 4 points, 5 points, 9 points and 16 points.
Precision ≤0.1mm
Frame Material Aluminum alloy.
Screen Material NanoSteel Plate
Back Board Galvanized Sheet
Interface USB 2.0
Power Requirement USB powered device.
Power Consumption 〈2.5W
Cursor Speed 180 dot/second
Shortcut Key 18 shortcut keys on dual sides
System Requirements Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8.
PC: CPU Intel P4, Dual Core 2.0, 1G of RAM, 1024x768 Resolution, 20 GB of Free Disk Space.
Temperature Working: -10℃~50℃, Storage: -25℃~70℃
Humidity Working: 30%~80%, Storage: 10%~90%
Mounting Way Wall mounting, mobile floor stand mounting , push-pull blackboard stack mounting.
Standard Accessories Software CD 1 pc, 6m USB cable 1 pc, whiteboard pen 2 pcs, wall-mounted bracket 1 set, user manual 1 pc.
Optional Accessories Mobile floor stand, mobile floor stand with short throw projector mount, projector bracket.
Mounting Options Standard: Wall mounting, Optional: mobile floor stand mounting.
Certificates C-TICK、CE、RoHS、FCC, ISO9001:2000
Lifetime 7-10 years
Warranty Period Interactive whiteboard: 5 years, accessories: 1 year.

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