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Donview Interactive Touch Panel
Model: DS--L02
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Donview Interactive Touch Panel
            All-in-one Series is an integrated solution, which is designed to improve multimedia teaching and learning, enable you to realize interactive teaching, integrate the features of writing, annotation, capturing and displaying image of objects, text recognition, external VGA, playing audio and video into Interactive Multimedia System in one,greatly improved the problems as follows withiin the solution of multi devices: scatter of multimedia equipments, disarray of wires and cables, complex operation, the compatibility among different components.


Aluminum frame design, integrally formed metal cover make the panel strong enough to resist some unexpected knock.


Rounded design, prevent the user from being hurt by knock.


High viewing angel with 178 degree, makes sure that everyone can enjoy the clear picture in any position!


It is easy for users to replace the PCB board in the frame from the front face in case of any damage after a long time using.


Multi-touch operation without driver.


Integrated & pluggable OPS PC can work directly without connecting to quantity of cables. 


Highest level LED panel,no bad pixel, resolution 1920*1080, perfect to display pictures.


Anti glare thoughened glass effectively protect the eyesight.



Meeting editing real-time labeling, digital writing, and simultaneously recording high-definition version help the demonstration presented in various ways.


Better writing experience and effect. Ultrashort time of distance identification, effectively avoid the wrong operation



Donview All-In-One Touch Screen Specification
Product Size 55inch 65 inch 70inch 84inch 98inch
Screen Parameters Screen Type LED  
Aspect Ratio 16:9  
Backlight LED  
Max. Resolution 1920(Horizontal)×1080(Vertical) 3840(H)× 2160(V)直)
Brightness 350-400cd/m² 500cd/m²
Contrast Ratio Max:4000:1; Min:3200:1 Max:4000:1; Min:3200:1 Typ:4000:1;
Viewing Angle 178°
Max. Colors 16.7 Million colors
1.07B colors
(10 bits)
1.07B colors
(10 bits)
1.06B colors
(10 bits)
1.06B colors
(10 bits)
Lifetime ≥50000H ≥30000H ≥30000H ≥50000H ≥50000H
TV System Input Interface USB Touch Input*2、HDMI Input*4 (1 in front,1 for connecting built-in PC)、VGA Input*1、PC Audio Input*1 、YPbPr Input*1 、AV Input*2(Include Audio)、ANT(RF)Input*1、TV USB Input*4(1 in front, 1*USB3.0)、RJ45*1,SD Card Socket*1,RS232*1,Microphone*1
Output Interface Spdif/Optical Output*1、AV Output*1、Sound Output*1
Sound Output Power 2*12W @8Ω
Sound System D/K、B/G、I、M
Audio Preset Mode Standard,movie, sports, music, user
Support Input Signal of YPbPr Support 480P/I、576P/I、720P、1080P/I
VGA Compatibility Format VGA、SVGA、XGA、WXGA、SXGA
Power Supply A.C.:100~240v 60/50 Hz
Operating Temperature/Humidity 0°~40°C;20%~80%
Standby Power <1W
Android TV System Configuration CPU:quad core, 1.5GHZ,internal storage1G,4Ginterior storage on board, operating system Android4.2, support APP expand
support APP expansion.
Functions Support function of writing, annotation, erase, change different size of writing, color, etc.
Support “one key switch” about the touch function between TV and computer or other external equipment; Support touch of Menu in any access of TV.
Support function of energy conservation in black screen through touching the state.
Support shortcut key by one time, and can wake-up again by touch one time.
Support browse webpage, and support HTML5 browser.
Support plays local and online HD video, online music.
Support for 1080P; Support browse pictures in different format.
Support browse and management of different office documents.
Support update software by USB; Support expansion of USB and SD card storage.
Support power off/on by one key;
Support input signal ( VGA/H Support online by Wifi, ISDB-T)
98inch: Support auto-switch o DMI1/HDMI2), support 4k with built-in PC, HDMI1/HDMI2
Built-in Computer System OPS micro-computer (Pluggable type and easy maintenance), customized configuration is available.
CPU intel Core G1610/intel Core i3 or customization.
Internal Storage 2GB/4GB DDR3 or customization 4GB DDR3 or customization
Hard Disk 320G/500G or customization 500G or customization
Graphics Card 98inch: graphics card, NVIDIA GT730 (2G graphics memory), support output resolution 3840*2160
Power Requirement AC input:100-240V/50-60HZ, DC output:19V/6.8A
DC output:12V/5A
Ethernet Network 10/100/1000Mpbs
WIFI/3G 802.11/b/gn
HDMI Cable Built-in HDMI cable
Operating System WINDOWS7 32bit Ultimate WINDOWS 8
Touch Function Touch Way Support 6 point touch
Operating Way Support single click, double-click, right-click and drag.
Support Function Touch correction function; work without driver; writing, drawing lines, annotation; USB interface
Touch Durability 60,000,000 times.
Touch Ways Fingers, pens, or other opaque objects.
 Touch Feature Index Response Time Single touch: less than7ms, dual touch: less than 12ms.
Excursion Without excursion, no change with the environment.
Writing and Drawing Writing fluently, without breaking and jag.
Resistance to Light Interference Work normally under 30,000 illumination.
Normal Work Scope Work normally in effective range of the display screen, without blind zone.
Touch Precision 1mm
Touch Parameter Calibration Precision <2mm
Cursor Speed 100 Points/Second
Light Transmittance 100%
Minimum Touch Object >=5mm
Touch Technology Infrared technology
Touch Frame Front maintenance, detachable design.
Wireless Interactive Display
Technology (Optional)
Can enjoy the online music, pictures, video and send it to the all-in-one touch screen by way of wireless, or can control both sides interactively.
Power Consumption(W) 〈2.5W,work under USB 5V voltage, electric current less than 500mA.
Touch Frame Feature Free from driver and calibration. Waterproof, dustproof, ultra-thin, light.
Protection and Safety Screen Protection and Safety AG toughened glass (anti-glare) to reduce reflected light from the glass. Reflectance less than 1%.
Physical Dimensions (L*W*T) (mm) 1363*839*113mm
(Without bracket)

(With bracket)
(Without bracket)

(With bracket)
(Without bracket)

(With bracket)
(Without bracket)

(With bracket)
2317*1355*121mm(Without bracket)
(With bracket)
Active Screen Dimensions (L*W )(mm)

1278.98*730.26mm 1506*877mm 1615*920.46mm 1936*1091mm 2233*1248mm
Projection Image Dimensions (L*W))(mm) 1213.6*684.4mm 1428.48*803.52mm 1542.88*869.62mm 1860.48*1046.52mm 2159*1214mm
Product Frame Size(mm) Left、Right、Top frame:38mm,  Bottom Frame:63mm
Weight Product Weight 50kg 74kg 72kg 111kg 157±1Kg
Gross Weight 63kg 95kg 94kg 135kg 220±1Kg
Packaging Dimensions(L*W*T)(mm) 1564*270*1002mm 1790*270*1150mm 1867*270*1175mm 2214*270*1374mm 2507*450*1550mm
2507*450*1670mm(with snap-gauge)
Packaging Accessories 3meter power cable, 2pcs writing pen
Interactive Software Writing and Drawing Provide the function of writing and annotation in any interface, provide a variety of pens; Provide a wealth of graphics in common use, subject drawing and graphics; also with the function of zoom in and out, pattern recognition,text recognition,thickness,color,setting of color filling, text input,etc.
Writing, Draw Line, Annotation Writing is smooth; draw circle or line without any sawtooth; Annotate or mark the key contents of any opened file.
Presentation Easy to use, can operate computer and various presentation file, switch the status between writing and drawing by one key.
Page can be roamed without limitation, zoomed in and out.
As well as the function as the following: recognize the picture of camera/visualizer, support screenshot, achieve the show of any paper documents, explain or annotate the input video, save the annotation to OFFICE file.
Eraser Can erase or clear all for the writing content, drawing, or annotation.
Teaching Tool Provide teaching tools of screen curtain, searchlight, screenshot, magnifier, protractor, ruler, triangle, compass.
Record or playback the teaching process. Insert the Image, Audio and Video or export resources.
Pages Can add new page, delete page, browse page, save page or adjust the order of page.
Operate objet Can edit the property of selected object, and move, zoom in and out, or rotate the selected object.
Multi-language Support multi-language, customized language is available.
Undo\Redo Undo/Redo the wrong operation at any time.
Oprating System Support WINXP,WIN7,WIN8.
Teaching Resources Provide various disciplines of animation courseware, including function image, English dictionary, optical experiments, etc.
Provide a wealth of teaching resources, simulation experiments and test questions database.
Installation Ways Standard: Wall-mounted Installation. Optional: Mobile Floor Stand Installation.
Warranty Interactive flat panel and OPS PC: 1 year.  Accessories: 3 years. 
Software: Software upgrade free for lifetime.
Quality Certification CCC, FCC, CE, ROHS, ISO9001,14001.