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Donview Interactive Whitebard Software
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Overview Donview Interactive Software

1. Multi-Version Software
Donview designed specific softwares from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school to high school, and business.
2. Creating Collaborative Environment
Multi-user input, pen and finger writing functionality encourage students and teachers, audiences and presenters collaborate, interact and work together.

3. Enhance Efficiency of Teaching and Presentation
The integrated and functional tools for education and business, such as timer, calculator, searchlight, screen curtain, math tools, webcam...etc,greatly increased the efficiency.

4. Prepare Lesson easily
The integrated tools, curriculum-based templates, animation, resources for different lessons allows teachers to prepare lessons, encourage and inspire students easily as well.


1.Easy to switch between interface of mouse state and writing state.

2.Hand Gesture Recognition.

Erase by Palm or Fist
Turn Page by Sliding Two Detached Fingers

Zoom in and out by two fingers

    Ten kinds of pen styles available for users to choose

3.Hand drawing shapes can be recognized to standard shapes.

4.Abundant vector shapes are available.
More than 2000 shapes for education, such as geometry, physics, chemistry & lab, biology, geography and history; more than 600 shapes for finance, electricity, traffic, life, public security and military,which can help the user have quantity of resources to use.
5. Common auxiliary tools for education available.
These tools such as screen curtain, soft keyboard, searchlight, timer, screenshot, magnifier, calculator, protractor, ruler, triangle plate, compass, screen recorder, webcam, random box, lottery,etc, make the interactive comunication between teachers and students, presenters and listerners convenient,interesting, and lively.


 The protractor can be used to measure angle, draw angle and radian. 
The compass can be used to circle and show the angle.
 Teachers can choose a student randomly by “Random Box”

All the writing and sound of the presenter can be recorded and saved as a video by the function of “Screen Recorder”.
6. More than 45 kinds of professional tools available for education.
These tools including Mathematics, English, Physics, Music, Geography and Chemistry, business and life,which provide the teachers abundant resources to use. 

Tools for making different chart, such as histogram, pie and bar help the presenter make a direct-viewing analytical presentation.

Tools for different subjects of education
Periodic Table of Chemistry.

Play piano directly by hand on screen.

Constellations Tools for Geography.

Buoyancy experiment tool for Physics.
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