Donview Infrared Interactive Whiteboard DB-H02 Model
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Donview - H02 Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

Products Overview  
Donview introduces a multi-touch board which supports a maximum 10 points touch/users. It allows multi-users to share or write on the board simultaneously, without the need to be confined to a certain area.  Users can erase the contents or pictures by fist directly. With Donview’s robust teaching software: equipped with a wealth of tailored teaching tools, teaching resources, simulation experiments of different subjects, Donview now introduces a new exciting method of teaching and learning. 


Multi-touch board
The board is available for maximum 10 points touch board; allows multi-user to write on the board simultaneously.
Simultaneously writing and erasing
The user can erase the contents by fist directly, by dry eraser or by “hot key”, meanwhile users can write and erase simultaneously.
Ultra-narrow frame
Ultra-narrow aluminum alloy frame to beautify the appearance.
Anti-light interference
The board can work normally under 30,000 illumination light that ensure a bright classroom for children.
Shortcut key on both sides of board
18 “shortcut keys” on both of left and right side of the board promotes ease of use.
Free driver
Use HID interface, the user does not need to install the driver.
Environment protecting and prolong the board’s life.
Intelligent power supply for LED light saves electricity and prolongs the board’s life.
When the board is not being used for a while during teaching, the LED light can reduce the emitting infrared light automatically.
Powerful teaching software, tailored various teaching resources.
Donview teaching software equipped with a wealth of teaching tools, teaching resources, and simulation experiments of different subjects; and tailored teaching resources is available for different country.

Technical Parameters and Specifications
Model DB-86IND-H02 DB-90IND-H02 DB-93IWD-H02 DB-96IND-H02 DB-100IWD-H02 DB-109IWD-H02 DB-120IWD-H02 DB-145IWD-H02
Interactive Whiteboard Size Physical Size (Diagonal) 85.9Inch 90.5Inch 93.7Inch 96Inch 100Inch 109.5Inch 120Inch 145Inch
Physical Dimensions (W*H*D mm)
(Include Bracket)
1768*1286*56 1862*1357*56 2032*1251*56 1974*1440*56 2168*1335*56 2373*1463*56 2600*1606*56 3448*1315*56
Active Screen Size (Diagonal) 82Inch 86.6Inch 89.9Inch 92Inch 96.2Inch 105.7Inch 116.3Inch 141.5Inch
Active Screen Dimensions
(W*H mm)
1693*1211 1787*1282 1957*1176 1899*1365 2093*1260 2298*1388 2525*1531 3373*1240
Projection Image Size (Diagonal) 78.7Inch 83.4Inch 86.5Inch 88.9Inch 92.8Inch 102.3Inch 112.9Inch 137.9Inch
Projection Dimensions (W*H mm) 1600*1200 1694*1271 1864*1165 1806*1355 2000*1250 2205*1378 2432*1520 3280*1230
Display Aspect Ratio 4:3 4:3 16:10 4:3 16:10 16:10 16:10 16:6
Touch Functions Operating One-click, double-click, right key of mouse, move and rotating.
Writing, Drawing and Annotation Support
Calibrated Correction Support
Free Driver Software Support
Communication Mode USB
Touch Durability 60,000,000 times
Touch Way Finger, pen, teaching pointer or any other opaque objects.
Touch Indicators Touch Response <7ms
Touch Resolution 4096*4096
External Light Supported 30000 Lux
Touch Parameters Calibrate Technology Four calibrate modes: 4 points, 5 points, 9 points and 16 points.
Calibrate Precision <2mm
Cursor Speed 180 dot/second
light Transmittance 100%
Minimum Touch Objects ≥5mm
Touch Technology Infrared Induction Touch Technology
Touch Frame Features Free driver, free calibration, waterproof, dust proof, ultra slim and lightweight.
Power Power Requirement USB powered device.
Power Consumption 〈2.5W, working under USB 5V,electrical current<500mA
Environment Temperature Working: -10℃~40℃, Storage: -20℃~55℃
Humidity Working: 30%~80%, Storage: 10%~90%
Board Material Aluminum Honeycomb Sheet (0.3mm Nano Steel Plate + Aluminum Honeycomb + 0.3mm Galvanized Sheet)
Frame Material Aluminum alloy.
Shortcut Keys 18 shortcut keys on the left side and 18 shortcut keys on the right side. Shortcut keys with color picture and English text,from up to down position, the shortcut key is calibration, state switch, and new page, page up, page down, blue pen, red pen, black pen, highlighter, smart brush, eraser, undo, clear screen, text, recorder, insert, camera, and keyboard. Besides shortcut keys could be user-defined.
Shortcut keys are vertically located in middle of both sides of aluminum frames, where is closed to the connection between the board and frame.
Interface USB
Data Transmission USB cable.
System Requirements Operating System:Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.
PC: CPU Intel P4, Dual Core 2.0, 4G of RAM, Video Memory 128M, 80 GB of Free Disk Space.
Packing Inside Software CD*1, 7.5m USB cable*1, Red pen*1, Black pen*1, wall-mounted bracket*1, user manual.
Mounting Way Wall mounting, mobile floor stand mounting, push-pull blackboard stack mounting.
Certificates C-TICK、CE、RoHS、FCC, ISO9001:2000
Lifetime 7-10 years
Warranty Period Interactive whiteboard: 5 years, accessories: 1 year.