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Donview – Optical Interactive Whiteboard
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Donview – Optical Interactive Whiteboard

Products Overview
Donview DB-P100 Series optical interactive whiteboard which uses the advanced optical imaging touch technology, the features of touch precision, response speed, smoothness, resolution, and lifetime are higher than other technology; the interactive whiteboard panel support the marker-pen writing as well as anti-glare and high wear resistance. 

Optical Imaging Touch Technology
The optical imaging touch board that has the features of high touch accuracy, fluent writing, long -life time, anti- light interference.
Interactive Board Material
The screen surface material is high strength and low reflection composite board with features of high wear resistance and anti-glare, anti-reflective and anti-peeling,which supports to write by mark pen and clean by the standard detergen; The back board material is aluminum honeycomb sheet.
Ultra-narrow Frame Design
Ultra-narrow design of metal frame with simple and elegant appearance, that can combine with the ordinary whiteboard to expand the writing space.
Multi-touch by finger, pen and any other opaque objects; achieve gesture recognition.

Donview- Optical Interactive Whiteboard Technical Parameters and Specifications
Model DB-71CND-P100 DB-82CND-P100 DB-85CND-P100 DB-88CND-P100 DB-90CWD-P100 DB-100CWD-P100
Physical Size (Diagonal) 71 Inch 82Inch 85 Inch 88 Inch 90 Inch 100 Inch
Physical Dimensions
 (W*H*D) mm
(Including Bracket)
1469×1066×38 1670×1224×38 1743×1266×38 1803×1330×42 1940×1221×38 2205×1230×38
Active Screen Size
69 Inch 79 Inch 82 Inch 85.4 Inch 87 Inch 97 Inch
Active Screen Dimensions
 (W*H) mm
1436×992 1637×1150 1710×1192 1770×1256 1907×1147 2172×1156
Projection Image Size (Diagonal) 65.4 Inch 75.4 Inch 79 Inch 82.3 Inch 84.1 Inch 93.3 Inch
Projection Dimensions
(W*H) mm
1332×992 1533×1150 1610×1192 1670×1256 1803×1147 2068×1156
Aspect Ratio 4:3 4:3 4:3 4:3 16:10 16:9
Packed Dimensions
(W*H*D) mm
1569×1166×105 1770×1324×105 1833×1356×105 1898×1425×160
  (Double packing)
(Single packing)
2040×1321×105 2305×1330×105
Net Weight (KG) 14 21 15 20 25 28
Packed Weight(KG) 19 27 16 27 31 34
Technology Optical Imaging
Screen Material Composite board with high strength and low reflection.
Back Board Aluminum Honeycomb Sheet.
Frame Material Aluminum alloy.
Features of Screen Material Anti- abrasion, anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-peeling, support to clean by standard detergent scrub, support write by
water-based pen.
Calibrate Technology 4 points,16 points.
Shortcut Key 18 “Shortcut Keys” on both of left and right side of the board promotes ease of use.
Resolution ≥32768×32768
Precision ≤0.1mm
Writing Way Finger, pen, teaching pointer or any other opaque objects.
Response ≤6ms
Projection Gain Yes
Viewing Angle Horizontal 170°/ Vertical 160 °
Connection USB 2.0,6.5 meter
Cursor Speed ≥5 meter/second
Sampling Rate 180 dot/second
Surface Hardness 6
Interface Standard USB2.0
Mounting Way Wall mounting, mobile floor stand mounting, push-pull blackboard stack mounting.
Working Temperature -15~ 50℃
Working Humidity 20-90%
Storage Temperature -40~50 ℃
Storage Humidity 10-95%
Multi-touch 2 points touch, supports Win7, Win8, Win10 OS.
Operating System Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Win10.
Warranty Interactive whiteboard: 5 years, accessories: 1 year, software upgrade for lifetime.
Packing List 1*Interactive Whiteboard,1*6 meter USB cable,1*wall-mounted bracket,2*whiteboard pen(red color),1*Software CD,1*user manual,1*warranty card,1*product qualified card
Optional Accessories Mobile floor stand mounting. USB signal amplifier extension cable(10—20 meter)
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