Donview All-in-One Interactive Whiteboard
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Donview All-in-One Interactive Whiteboard

Products Overview
Donview all-in-one interactive whiteboard is designed for smart teaching.Which integrates interactive whiteboard, computer, 2*30W speakers, central-controlled system and visualizer into one machine, while built-in dual operating system of Windows and Android for intelligent teaching.

Products Features

Integrated Design, Centralized Control

Infrared interactive whiteboard, computer, visualizer, central-controlled system, speaker, and microphone module are integrated into one machine, the integrated design ensure better compatibility in different devices and easy installation without exposed cables. The Integrated central-controlled system is able to control on-off of projector and PC, signal of visualizer, signal switch of external device, switch of built-in PC and Android, sound (Play)and volume.

Multi Touch, Mark Pen Writing

The board is available for maximum 10 points touch board; allows multi-user to write on the board simultaneously, as well as support the writing with marker pen.

Intelligent Management

Intelligent identification: Start the device by identification card, lock the control panel and touch function, unlock it by taping card.

Dual Operating System

Dual operating system of Windows and Android are built-in to enable the user to switch the system by one key and use different OS for teaching.

High-definition Visualizer and Professional Amplifier

Visualizer module: The module is compatible with visualizer/document camera which supports more than 800 pixels, LED fill-in light and touch switch function, visualizer tray’s design is anti-shake. 2*30W speakers are integrated to ensure clearly voice to all the students in the classroom. Expandable of wireless loudspeaker module is available.

Simple Installation, Efficient After-sale Services

The device can be used through the combination of the projector as the modules debugging have been done in the factory, the integration solution provides efficient after-sale services through one factory as all the devices are installed in one factory.

Recording and Broadcasting Interactive Touch Flat Panel

Recording and Broadcasting module is optional, with the combination of camera and sound pick-up device, the teachers can record the lectures automatically by one key without the needs of supports from the professional recorder, achieving the recording and broadcasting in many classrooms simultaneously.    

All-in-One Interactive Whiteboard Specifications
Technology Infrared Infrared Infrared Infrared Infrared Infrared Infrared
Size Physical Size (Diagonal) 81.9 Inch(2080.6mm) 92.6
101.2 Inch
107.1Inch(2720.3mm) 116 Inch(2961.8mm) 127.5 Inch(3237.9mm) 152.7 Inch
Physical Dimensions
(W*H mm)
1755.4*1131.7 1972*1297 2238*1263 2373*1347 2578*1475 2804*1618 3652.3*1327.7
Active Screen Size (Diagonal) 71.2 Inch(1807.4mm) 81.8 Inch(2079.9mm) 89.9 Inch(2282.8mm) 96.1 Inch(2442.2mm) 105.7 Inch(2683.9mm) 116.2 Inch(2952.4mm) 141.4 Inch(3592.5mm)
Active Screen Dimensions
(W*H mm)
1474*1046 1691*1211 1956*1177 2091.4*1261.2mm 2296.4*1389.2mm 2524*1533 3371*1242
Projection Image Size (Diagonal) 68 Inch(1728mm) 78.7 Inch(2000mm) 86.5 Inch(2198.1mm) 92.9 Inch(2358.9mm) 102.4 Inch(2600.6mm) 112.9 Inch(2867.9mm) 137.9 Inch(3503mm)
Projection Dimensions (W*H mm) 1383*1037 1600*1200 1864*1165 2000.4*1250.2mm 2205.4*1378.2mm 2432*1520 3280*1230
Packed Dimensions (W*H*D mm) 1872*1248*139 2089*1413*139mm 2350*1374*139MM 2489*1463*139MM 2694*1591*139MM 2916*1730*139MM 3775*1452*144
Outline Size Product Physical Size
(Without bracket)
(With bracket)
(Without bracket)
(With bracket)
(Without bracket)
(With bracket)
(Without bracket)
(With bracket)
(Without bracket)
(With bracket)
(Without bracket)
(With bracket)
(Without bracket)
(With bracket)
Display Parameters Aspect Ratio 4:3 4:3 16:10 16:10 16:10 16:10 16:6
Power Comsumption ≤55W  (Standard small OPS) ≤100W
(Standard big OPS)
Sound Output Power 2*30W
Interface Front Interface HDMI IN*1
Microphone Input*1
Audio Output*1
Android USB*1
Touch USB*1
PC USB 3.0*2
Rear Interface AC OUT*1
Audio Output3.5mm*1
Network Interface*1
IC Card Working frequency:13.56MHZ
Communication rate:106 KBPS
Data saving period is 10 years, can be rewritten 100,000 times, read unlimited times
 Front Button on Control Panel Volume-, mute, volume +, play, stop, lock, projection switch, computer switch, visualizer signal, built-in computer, Android, signal source, power on/off switch
Visualizer Parameters
1. Sensor: CMOS 800W
2. Camera lens:Prime lens
3. Auxiliary lights:LED light
4. Interface type:USB 2.0
5. Built-in visualizer that can be folded to the security door, the shutdown state of the lock door locked by the electromagnetic lock can not be opened in the shutdown status.
6. The door of visualizer with anti-lock design, the user can open the door through tear the window stickers and pull out the lock in the failure of electromagnetic lock.
(Optional: 800W pixels and optical zoom 1200W pixels)

1. Sensor:12x optical zoom,1200W pixels.
2. Image sensor: 1/3 inch CMOS image sensor.
3. Auxiliary lights: LED light(total 4 lights), control on/off touch.
4. Interface type:USB 2.0;
5. The lens side with 3 physical buttons, to achieve "automatic "zoom in"zoom out" button.
Android Configuration CPU:Quad core Cortex-A17, GPU:Quad core Mali-T764
Basic frequency:1.8GHZ, RAM:2GB,ROM:16G,Android 5.1 operating system,Can support APP expansion, support 4K / H.265 hard decoding. 
OPS micro-computer (Pluggable type and easy maintenance), customized configuration is available.
CPU intel Core I3 3110  or customization. intel Core I3 4170  or customization.
Internal Storage 4GB DDR3 or customization. 4GB DDR3  or customization.
Hard Disk 500G  or customization. 500G  or customization.
Power  AC input:100-240V/50-60HZ
DC output:19V/5A 
AC input:100-240V/50-60HZ
DC output:19V/6.8A 
Ethernet  10/100/1000Mpbs 10/100/1000Mpbs
WIFI/3G 802.11/b/gn 802.11/b/gn
Interface LINE OUT*1 LINE OUT*1
RJ45*1 RJ45*1
USB2.0*4 USB2.0*5
/ USB3.0*1
/ VGA*1
/ RS232*1
Appearance OPS computer with handle design, easy assemble and disassemble. OPS computer with handle design, easy assemble and disassemble.
Operating System WINDOWS7 64 bit ultimate edition(Trial Version) WINDOWS7 64 bit ultimate edition(Trial Version)
Touch Function Touch Points 10 points 6 points
Operating Way Support single click, double-click, right-click and drag.
Writing,Drawing and Annotation Support
Touch Correction Support
Free Drive Support
Communication  USB
Touch Durability 60,000,000 times.
Object Finger, writting pen and other opaque object.
Touch Feature Index Touch Sensitivity (Response Time)  Single touch: less than7ms, dual touch: less than 12ms.
Touch Resolution 4096*4096
Writing and Drawing Writing fluently, without breaking and jag.
Resistance to Light  Work normally under 90,000 illuminations.
Touch Parameters Calibration With 4 points, 5 points, 9 points, 16 points four precise Calibration mode.
Touch Precision <2mm
Cursor Speed 180 Points/Second
Minimum Touch  ≥5mm
Touch Technology Infrared technology
Power Consumption(W) 〈2.5W,work under USB 5V voltage, electric current less than 500mA.
Touch Frame  Free from driver and calibration. Waterproof, dustproof, ultra-thin, light.
Packaging Accessories Pen 1*red pen
1*black pen
1*red pen
1*black pen
1*teaching pointer 
Weight Net Weight 28Kg 36Kg 35 38 36 45 66
Gross Weight 38Kg 47Kg 45 50 53 55 102
Touch Model Whiteboard
Control Module 
Board Material 0.3mm Nano Steel Plate + Aluminum Honeycomb + 0.3mm Galvanized Sheet 0.3mm Nano Steel Plate + Aluminum Honeycomb + 0.3mm Galvanized Sheet 0.3mm Nano Steel Plate + Aluminum Honeycomb + 0.3mm Galvanized Sheet 0.3mm Nano Steel Plate + Aluminum Honeycomb + 0.3mm Galvanized Sheet 0.3mm Nano Steel Plate + Aluminum Honeycomb + 0.3mm Galvanized Sheet 0.8mm Nano Steel Plate + Aluminum Honeycomb + 0.5mm Galvanized Sheet 0.6mm Nano Steel Plate + Aluminum Honeycomb + 0.4mm Galvanized Sheet, support marker pen writting and erase by normal eraser.
Installation Accessories  With bracket
Shortcuts 18 shortcut keys on the left side and 18 shortcut keys on the right side. Shortcut keys with color picture and English text from up to down position, the shortcut key is calibration, state switch, and new page, page up, page down, blue pen, red pen, black pen, highlighter, smart brush, eraser, undo, clear screen, text, recorder, insert, camera, and keyboard. Besides shortcut keys could be user-defined.
Shortcut keys are vertically located in middle of both sides of aluminum frames, where is closed to the connection between the board and frame.
Special Functions 1.Power on/off central control, built-in computer, projector and other devices by one key,with a centralized control button panel.
2.Support to lock the physical buttons and touch by one key, unlock by swiping card.
3.Support to start the visualizer by one key.
4.Support to play or stop video by one key.
5.All the buttons with indicator lights.
Frame Material Aluminum frame.
System Requirements Windows XP.Win7.Win8 .win10.Android
Temperature Working temperature:-5℃~40℃, Storage temperature:-20℃~55℃.
Humidity Working humidity:30%~80%, Storage humidity:10%~90%.
Packing List Please refer to packing list.
Mounting Way Wall mounting, mobile floor stand mounting.
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