Dual-channel Ultra-wide Display Interactive Whiteboard Solution
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Donview Dual-channel Ultra-wide Display Interactive Whiteboard Solution

Donview dual-channel ultra-wide display electronic whiteboard allows user to project computer’s main screen and vice screen on one board, display teaching resources on one half screen and write to the other half screen by mark pen, while the writing contents by mark pen can be saved.
Dual-channel Functions 

  • The interactive whiteboard can combine with one projector of 16:6 aspect ratio, or one projector of aspect ratio 4:3/16:10/16:9, or two projectors of 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Display dual screen by one projector, no gap in the middle of screen.
  • Display video on main screen and present courseware on vice screen.
  • Present PPT on the main screen and write on the vice screen.
  • Present PPT previous page on the main screen and next page on the vice screen.
  • Provide ultra-wide space to write and display multimedia contents as well.

Donview Dual-channel Ultra-wide Display Interactive Whiteboard Solution
Save Mark Pen Writing
The vice screen support to write by mark pen in the status of dual-channel use, the background of writing can be changed and the writing contents can be saved into the whiteboard software, the teacher can download the saving contents to the mobile phone through scan the QR code.


Whiteboard Features

  • Board material: Aluminum honeycomb sheet and aluminum alloy frame ensure the board is nondeformable, board surface support to write by mark pen.
  • Infrared technology: The LED light can reduce the emitting infrared light automatically when the board is not being used for a while.
  • Writing precision: Calibration is accurate, support multi write and simultaneously write and erase.
  • Free driver: Use HID interface, the user does not need to install the driver.
  • Powerful teaching software: Equipped with Donview teaching software which has a wealth of teaching tools, teaching resources, simulation experiments of different subjects.
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