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Donview Capacitive All-in-One Touch Screen
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Product parameters:
Donview capacitive all-in-one touch screen is intelligent integrated touch screen that integrates capacitive touch screen, LCD display screen with LED backlight, OPS computer and speakers. It supports 10 points touch under both Windows and Android operating system. While the capacitive touch screen is close to the nature original writing with features of zero touch height and writing thickness can be changed by the strength of hand. 

Elegant appearance, user-friendly design
The touch flat panel is borderless and the front frame is designed for safety with acute angle; shortcut keys on the left and right side of touch screen is for ease use; 4K high-definition display screen is protected by the anti-glare glass that anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-dust.
First-class technology, shocking effect
The touch height is zero and the thickness of writing line can be changed with the strength of hand, which restoring natural writing.
Intelligent integrated design
Support automatic detection of temperature, high temperature alarm and shutdown protection. Support Energy saving in black screen and wake-up by one click, while support operation of intelligent remote control, serial remote control, lock function, etc. 
Mobile teaching
The mobile phone, tablet PC or laptop can control touch screen, upload pictures and other files to all-in-one touch screen.
Dual operating system of Windows and Android
Windows and Android OS can be switched by one key;10 points touch, annotation and saving contents can be achieved under both Windows and Android OS.

Teaching software
Equipped with Donview teaching software which has a wealth of tailored teaching tools, teaching resources and simulation experiments of different subjects. 

Donview Capacitive All-in-One Touch Screen, Technical Parameters   
Available size 65/70/75/85/86/98 inch
Model DS-65AWMS-L04PA 
Size 65 inch
Screen Parameters Screen Type a-Si TFT-LCD
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Backlight LED
Max. Resolution 3840(horizontal)×2160(vertical)
Screen Refresh 60HZ
Brightness 350nits
Contrast Ratio 960:1
Viewing Angle 158°
Max. Colors 1.07B colors(10 bit)
Lifetime ≥30000H
Android  Display System Sound Output Power 2*12W @8Ω
Sound System D/K、B/G、I、M
Audio Preset  Standard,movie, sports, music, user
YPbPr Support Signal Input Support 480P/I、576P/I、720P、1080P/I
Power Supply A.C.:100~240伏;60/50 Hz
Working Temperature/Humidity 0°~40°C;20%~80%
Power Consumption
Standby Power <0.5W
Android Configuration CPU:quad core A53 1.4GHz,GPU:Mali450MP4(4+2),RAM:DDR3 1.5G,ROM:8G,operating system Android4.2,support APP expand. 
Rear Input USB TOUCH*1(Type B USB)
PC Audio*1
TV USB*2(2*USB3.0)
Rear Output Spdif/OPTICAL OUTPUT*1
Network routing*1(Optional)
Headphone sound output*1
Built-in Interface Touch USB*1
Front Interface HDMI*1
Touch USB2.0*1
USB2.0*1 (Android/Windows common interface)
PC USB2.0*1
PC USB3.0*1
Built-in Computer System OPS micro-computer (Pluggable type and easy maintenance), customized configuration is available.
CPU Intel Core i3  or customization.
Internal Storage 4GB DDR3  or customization.
Hard Disk 500G  or customization.
Power  AC input:100-240V/50-60HZ
DC output:19V/6.8A 
Ethernet Network 10/100/1000Mpbs
WIFI/3G 802.11/b/gn,Double Wi-Fi antenna
HDMI Cable Built-in HDMI Cable
Interface USB2.0*5
Headphone sound *1
MIC input*1
WIFI antenna*2
OUTLINE FEATURES OPS PC computer with a handle design, easy handling,  stable signal .
PC Operating System WINDOWS 10 64bit Ultimate (Trial Version)
Touch Feature Index Touch Features Active pen:an odd one
Finger:10 points
Operating Way Support single click, double-click, right-click and drag.
Writing, Drawing, Annotation Support
Touch Correction Support
Free Driver  Support
Connection USB
Touch Durability 100000 times.
Touch Ways Finger、Special capacitive touch pen, active touch pen
Response Time and Speed ≤10ms (not the first time touch), the first time touch is about 30ms
Excursion Without excursion, no change with the environment.
Writing and Drawing Writing fluently, without breaking and jag.
Resistance to Light  Not subject to any strong light interference.
Touch Precision Finger:≤2.5 mm
Active touch pen:≤1.5 mm
Touch Pen Function Two key functions of active pen can be defined.
Report Rate Active pen:≥120Hz
Touch System of Light Transmittanc 100%
The Smallest Touch Object 5mm
  Touch Technology Capacitive touch technology
TP Material Nano-silver film material,bendable flexible material,ultra-thin film,square resistance <30 ohms,the width of laser line is 35-40um,trace line can be seen by the naked ere. 
TP Penetration Rate >80%
Power Consumption(W) 〈2.5W,work under USB 5V voltage, electric current is less than 500mA.
Multi Touch under OS. Windows7,Windows8,Windows10,Linux,Android, 
Touch Features  Drive-free,calibration-free, zero touch height, dust proof, anti-misoperation,support the original handwriting with a dedicated pen.
Screen Protection
and Safety
4mm thick AG tempered glass (spray anti-glare), to reduce the impact of glass reflection, reflectivity is less than 1%.
Physical Dimensions (L*W*T) (mm) 1533*952*97(Without bracket)
1533*952*120(With bracket)
Active Screen Dimensions (L*W )(mm) 1478*803.52
Projection Image Dimensions (L*W)(mm) 1428.48*803.52
Product Frame Size(mm) Left、Right、Top frame:2mm; Bottom frame:73mm
Weight Product Weight (With PC) 41Kg
Gross Weight (With PC) 55Kg
Packaging Dimensions
Packaging Accessories Power Cable 3 meter
Active Touch Pen Optional
Writing Pen 1 (Passive Pen)
Remote Control 1
Battery for Remote Control 2* AAA 7 battery
Manual 2*manual(1 manual for bracket, 1 manual for all-in-one touch screen)
Warranty Card 1
Qualification 1
Packing List 1
Software CD Interactive Software*1
HDMI Cable No
USB Cable No
Installation Ways Standard: Wall-mounted Installation. Optional: Mobile Floor Stand Installation.
Warranty Interactive flat panel and OPS PC: 1 year.  Accessories: 3 years. 
Software: Software upgrade free for lifetime.