Short Focal Projector Wall Bracket
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Short focal Projector Wall Bracket

Metope Installation Diagram
1.The suitable installation size Range For The Picture is:70’-100’
2. The following data is installed the metope setup tray of the wall bracket  and the projection screen at the same level
3. Please Pay attention to installation the metope setup tray of the wall bracket to the center of the projector bottom setup tray
4.Please install it according to the Projector specifications and the Projection distance data in the  Propagating color page
5.All the data only for reference  , please adjust according to the actual installation conditions

Three possible methods of installation (According to the projector lens relative position)

Installation diagram one (projector Lens leans on the left)

Installation diagram two (projector Lens leans on the right)

Installation plan three (projector Lens sets in the center )

picture 4:The size schematic for the Fixed base on the wall

According to the pictures and the lifting & positioning instruction of the projector specifications, locate four Screw holes on the wall.

picture 5: Installation steps
Line : (generally is for power line , VGA cable , video cable , control line and so on )
1.Thread the projector connecting line through the inferolateral channel of the Wall support bar


2.Fix the Wall support bar to the four Screw holes and , generally using  the M8 Expansion screws

3.  Insert the plastic decorative cover to the bottom of the wall support aluminum bar

4.  Connect the projector to the lifting adjusting bracket on the wall with corresponding screws

5.  Fix the lifting adjusting bracket connected with the projector to the Wall support bar by the stuck through.

6.seal the plastic plug

the Schematic diagram for projector adjusting

Packing List
parts name quantity remark
aluminum Wall support bar 1PCS Fixed together with the Steel base
the plastic Decorative cover 1PCS certificate
lifting adjusting bracket 1PCS  
plastic plug 1PCS  
glue  strip 1PCS  
the screws  toolkit 1PCS including the Hexagon wrench and screws
specifications 1PCS  

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