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Wireless Tablet
Model: WT01
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1. Combined with wireless RF technology, presenters can move freely in room, annotate or draw at the same time, which shorten the distance between the presenter and audience.

2. Remote controlling and writing avoid the influence of projection shadows and glaring lighting.

3. The max distance of wireless operation is 10m.

4. 50 audiences can use wireless tablet to write from their seat simultaneously.

5. Simple operation, hot key flip and shuttle-style volume adjustment.

6. All drawing software or interactive whiteboard application software can be used with wireless tablet.

Technology Wireless 2.4G RF
Physical Size 278*282*20mm
Active area 7.84”*5.92”
Resolution 2000lpi
Report rate 120 rpst
Pen pressure 1024 levels
Macro key 16( top of active area)
Hot key Page up / page down
LCD size 17.7*40.9mm
LCD Icon content battery status – 4 levels/charged /connection mode /connection power status/
volume status /tablet number
Battery type Nokia BL5C Li-ion rechargeable battery
Battery capacity 800mA
Battery life 16 hrs continuing mode
Power source USB charged
Power button electrical power button
Power consumption max 50 mA( operation mode )
Receiver dongle Yes
Packing Size 35*30*5cm
Gross Weight 1.2kg
Net Weight 400g

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