Students Response System
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Donview Students Response System

Donview Response System
Donview response system gives you an immediate insight into student/audience performance through spontaneous or planned assessments, and the ability to bring a range of questions/quizzes/polling into any condition. Moreover the specially designed students response system is integrated with Donview Interactive whiteboard and projector screen,which makes assessment an easy, insteresting learning/presentation.


Wireless Technology Makes Communication Infinite

With 2.4G Wireless Technology, Signals can be transmitted directly and in good signal penetration. The transmission distance is more than 20 m. Each chip of Donview Students Response System controller is equipped with an independent ID, and device will not interfered each other when they are used simultaneously.

Get an instant Insight into Student Response System gives you immediate insight into student performance with spontaneous or planned assessments, and the ability to insert a variety of question types into any lesson. You can then capture and graph the results right away, enabling you to assess student understanding, provide feedback, and evaluate student or class progress.


Deliver Dynamic Questions and Quizzes

Increase student/audience participation and engagement by adding interactive and multimedia content, such as images, audio, video and Flash files into your assessments. You can also prepare evaluation using versatile question types—true or false, yes or no, multiple choice, multiple answer, buzz-in quiz and short answer etc.


Evaluate Progress with Ease


With teacher tools, you can access, view and manage assessment data in one location. It also enables you to create class lists, conduct assessments and view reports by the way you preferred—you can use the built-in models to record test scores, track performance and evaluate trends. The reports you create can be as simple or as detailed as you need—frompersonalized reports on individual students to a high-level look at class results.



Donview students response system
General Specification Technology 2.4GHz2-waydigitalRFtechnology.
Screen Type LCD Screen
Maximum Distance and Audience Up to 100 meters range and180 audiences for one receiver
Receiver Type USB Receiver
Angle Transmission 360 degree signaltransmission
Input A~Z, a~z,0~9, mostly36 characters
Battery 2 pcs AA batteries withlifemore than2year, based on 4 hours a day.
Third PartySoftware Support PowerPoint, easyto installand use.
Function Interactive response, vote, statistics, check attendance, rush answer, examination
QuestionOptionsInclude Singlechoice,multiplechoice,sequencing,ratingscale,yes/no, numeric(includingfractions,decimalsandmixedexpressions),fill blank,voting,quizand exam.
System Specification System Constitution Remote controller for students, USB receiver, management software and player software.
WirelessCommunication: BasedonIEEE802.15.4,worldwidefrequencyfrom2405MHzto 2480MHz
Wireless Power: MostlyRF0dBm.
Antenna Inside
Demission of LCDScreen 38×24 (Dots Format:128*64)
Power Supply USB
Receiver Interface USB
Working and Storage Environment Working Environment 0~40℃,10~80% relative humidity
Storage Environment: -20~60℃,5~90% relative humidity
Physical Specification Demission of SignalRemoteController 139*58*32mm
Weightof SignalRemote Controller 100g(withoutbattery)
Demission of Signal Receiver 120*52*18mm
Weightof SignalReceiver 65g
DimensionofStandardPacking 50 pcs remote controller in one flightcase,680*360*220mm.
WeightofStandardPacking 50 pcs remote controller in one flightcase, 15kg.


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