Donview Portable Interactive Whiteboard
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1. Brief Introduction
Donview portable interactive and ultrasonic electronic whiteboard is mainly used for class demonstration, meeting discussion, report, military training, brainstorming, remote education, video meeting, remote medical consultation meeting, etc . This product had broken the traditional educational mode with blackboard, chalk and eraser.

Donview portable interactive whiteboard is an input device, based on computer, and featured with people and computer interaction mode. It includes ultrasonic whiteboard and related software. Donview Ultrasonic whiteboard can test position information written by electronic pen, and transfer this information to computer connected, this place information is integrated with screen picture in computer, it projects to whiteboard via projector, so, you see, a full interactive demonstration is in your eyes .Users can effect a real face to face communication via this whiteboard, can write all kinds of information, such as mark, explanation, picture, modification, sound etc to your electronic document, also can directly arrange your files, pictures, videos, etc, it makes your work life more vivid.

Donview portable interactive whiteboard can realize remote communication via internet, making people around the world talk together in a single room.

2. Hardware Features
1. Advanced wireless calibrate technology in the world: Adopting advanced ultrasonic and infrared wireless calibrate technology, suitable for large area, high density polychrome painting, with high resolution rate, quick response speed, keen operation.
 2. Humanized-design electronic pen: support left and right mouse key function, move and hang to stop function, fully simulate function of mouse.
 3. It is small, portable and easy to carry, even can be fitted in your pocket. Wherever you are, whenever you need, Donview portable interactive whiteboard can be delivered to the right place at right time effectively!
 4. Donview portable interactive whiteboard  can be attached to any hard and smooth surface, and  convert  the  surface  (such as the conventional blackboard, whiteboard, wall, DLP, PDP and LCD) into an  standard  interactive  whiteboard
 5. Plug in and play USB port, no need external power.

3. Donview Portable Interactive Whiteboard Specification


Fixing Ways
  • Magnetic Cup: Attaching the mounting bracket with the magnetism.
  • Command Adhesive: To remove the suction cups and plaster stickup adhesive.
Power Supply USB cable.

Digital Pen
Mouse Function
  • Pen Tip:The pen tip will emit ultrasonic wave and infrared signal when pressed down, which is equal to the left button of a mouse is clicked.
  • Button A : Serving as left mouse button.
  • Button B : Serving as right mouse button.
Power Supply One AA battery only.
USB Cable Connect receiver with PC.
Packing Size 27*21*7cm.
Packing Weight 1.5 KG.
Technology Advanced Ultrasonic and Infrared Wireless Calibrate Technology.
Writing Way Digital Pen.
Capability Active Size: Min: 20 inch; Max: 110 inch. ( diagonal)
Surface Compatible: Normal whiteboard, blackboard, LCD screen, plasma, rear projection and even wall.
Resolution Up to 96000*96000, depend on the actual computer and projector resolution.
Response Speed 200 inch/second.
Aspect Ratio 4:3, 16:9 and16:10.
Power Consumption 100mA, <0.5W, USB power supply, no need extra power.
Operating System Windows XP, Win 7 and Vista.
Work Environment Working Temperature:-15℃-60℃Storage Temperature:-40℃-70℃                 
Working Humidity:20-90% Storage Humidity:10-95%.
Accessories User Manual, Digital Pen, Battery(LR6AA), USB Cable(5m/16ft), CD, Warranty Card.
Certificate CE, FCC, C-TICK, ROSH and ISO9000.
Working Life 7-10 years.


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